East Lagon landlady Tracey Boakye has been questioned over her hips and flat tummy after a video showing her real body hit the net exposing her for throwing dust in our eyes.


Tracey Boakye was spotted dancing excitedly after her daughter was signed as a brand ambassador but some netizens were only interested in her body asking where her hips and flat tummy went to in the video.

The video proved that Tracey Boakye is one of those who have been editing their pictures for perfection on the gram because there’s a huge difference in the photos she has been sharing on her Instagram page and the video we’ve seen.

Tracey Boakye still looked beautiful in the video sighted online but not perfect as the photos she has been sharing on the gram with huge hips and flat tummy giving some young girls pressure just to have flat tummy and hips like hers.

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It’s about time these celebrities and public figures start telling themselves and their fans the truth and stop editing their photos just to look perfect on social media as they are always exposed one way or the other.

Congratulations to the daughter of Tracey Boakye for becoming the latest brand ambassador in town which her mother has been using to brag, flooding the net with excitement just as every mother would do.

video below;

Source: www.Ghgossip.com


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