It seems East Lagon landlady Tracy Boakye has boldly accepted the fact that she’s a borla bird as she has joined Afia Schwarzenegger to hit back at her.


Delay in her usual show introducing herself sang her own praises saying no one can beat her in the show as she compares her competitors to birds in which she mentioned borla bird and Tracy Boakye and Afia Schwarzenegger have jumped on to insult her.

Tracy Boakye is usually called borla bird on Instagram because of the way she dresses but for her to hit back at Delay shading her for mentioning the name borla bird in her means she has boldly accepted the name given her.

Delay didn’t mention Tracy Boakye’s name neither did she mention Afia Schwarzenegger’s name but they both have hit back at Delay for supposedly shading Tracy Boakye who appears to have accepted the name borla bird boldly.

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According to Tracy Boakye, Delay is shading her and doing all that just because she declined to be on her show The Delay Show and we are wondering when it became a crime for someone to praise herself and compare others to a bird to show she’s better than them.

We guess Tracy Boakye and Afia Schwarzenegger have some hidden agenda as to why they jumped on this to insult Delay and by doing that Tracy Boakye has indirectly accepted the fact that she’s a borla bird.

screenshot below;



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