Residents of Penyi, a town near Dzodze in the Volta Region almost lynched two fetish priests in the town for stopping the rains from falling.

According to Ghanaweb reporter, the two fetish priest have been accused by the residents of the town of being the cause of the rains not falling due to some rituals they performed in their shrine. This made the residents furious as they complained that most of their crops at the farm are dying off.

Sources say that the Penyi town have not experienced any rainfall for the past months although they always see clouds gathering; a sign of rainfall but eventually passes by to the next town.


This made some traditional leaders in the town to consult their deities where the names of these two fetish priests were mentioned as being behind the towns predicaments. After the names of these fetish priests were revealed, the resident launched a manhunt in search of them.

Residents manhandled these two fetish priests and planned to lynch them but the Penyi police intervened and kept the fetish priests in their custody.

Source: www.ghgossip

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