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Unbelievable: Lady Says Letting Your Baby S*ck On Your Br*asts Is A Form Of S*xual Act; Says It’s Child Molestation


An unidentified social media user caused a stir on the internet by saying any woman who lets her baby suck on her breasts is molesting her child and should go to prison for that. Interesting huh? Her explanation to substantiate her claim sounds as amusing as the thesis itself.

She argued that the only form of breastfeeding should be through bottle and not the traditional n*pples as letting the child suck the breast is tantamount to sexual act or rape.

She wrote:

Not because feeding your child is r ape but because there are other ways to feed your child even with b reast milk it’s called a bottle and yes I do have children and I have a 6 month old whom drinks breast milk but from a bottle not s ucking his mother’s n!pples bottom line making your child suck on your n!pples is CHILD MOLESTATION PERIOD you are making your child perform a sexual act on you that’s nasty and you who do it are CHILD MOLESTERS AND NEED TO BE PUT IN PRISON FOR MOLESTING YOUR CHILDREN.

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