Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has explained that her recent social media series of love and sekz talks is not aimed at promoting promiscuity.

The series has been criticised as many believe she is using her platform to educate her followers on sekz and productive lifestyle.

However, in a conversation with MzGee on 3FM’s Showbuzz, she denied any wrongdoing.

” I’m not teaching anyone to be promiscuous because I always rate my videos 18. And I specifically advise people to practice safe sekz after every video I post. I’m using these videos to educate and not teaching anyone to be promiscuous.” She stated

Vicky added that: ” I always say its never too early or too late for anyone to be educated on sekz. So I’ve taken it upon myself because people are shying away from it. Ghanaians are hypocrites. They love what I’m doing but they don’t want to admit the like what I’m doing publicly but I know they do so behind closed doors.”


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