Covid-19 is a contagious virus which hit the world four month ago after it first broke out in Wuhan, China. There has been no known vaccine to cure the deadly virus which has killed close to million people in the world.

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World leaders, health workers, religious groups have sought for a cure for the virus but all efforts have proved futile. In recent months past, America has accused China of intentionally creating the virus to claim economic power. In a latest video seen making rounds on social media, it is alleged that China could have prevented the coronavirus situation at it early stage but failed to do so and killed whistleblowers of the disease.


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Joe, wrote;
“Mid-November in Wuhan, China, and cases of a strange new flu start surfacing. In a sprawling city of 11 million people, the coronavirus, our invisible brutal enemy was born – festering at least a month and a half before the world was told. In January President Xi Jinping made a decision that would ultimately condemn the world: allowing 5 million people to leave the epicentre of the virus without being screened “

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Watch video below:

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