The long battle in court involving a Nigerian woman Maryam Sanda accused of killing her husband is finally over.

A High Court Judge Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) found Maryam Sanda guilty for the death of her husband Bilyaminu Bello.

Ms Sanda stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife with clear intent to kill, Mr Halilu said in the judgment on a two-count homicide charge brought by the Nigerian police against Ms Sanda in November 2017.

For her punishment the judge sentence Ms Sanda to death by hanging.

The whole courtroom was thrown into chaos and wails as the accuser’s family cried out over the ruling.

The judge said he also relied on the “Doctrine of the Last Scene”, which stipulates that the last person at a crime scene bears full responsibility.

“It serves to buttress the finding that the defendant was the last to be seen with the deceased and therefore has full responsibility of what caused his death”, Mr Halilu who was appointed a judge at the FCT High Court in 2010 noted.

After the judge found her guilty and was about to deliver sentence, Ms Sanda forced her way out of the dock and burst into tears, screaming “Who will take care of my daughter?”

Watch the heartbreaking moments in the video below;

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