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Video: Lord Kenya BACK To Hiplife? Watch Him Rap Some Of His Old Songs In CHURCH


Lord Kenya used to be one of the finest Ghanaian rappers way back until he suddenly announced he’s surrendered his life to Christ.

It’s has been seven longs years since he made the ‘transition’ and to celebrate this ‘tortuous’ journey the former rapper has lined up a series of activities to celebrate his calling to the kingdom of God. In a previous interview with Graphic showbiz in connection with his new-found faith, Lord Kenya said:

I have no regrets at all, even when I was at the other side I had no regrets how much more now that I have the opportunity to preach.

It is because of my past that people listen to me so I have become a blessing to them and have no regrets whatsoever.

However, one interesting thing which caught our attention is the fact the rapper was captured singing most of his old rap songs which catapulted him to stardom in church.

He did this obviously to drum home a point relative to his sermon.

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