In a sad report, an old aged woman who is a grandmother of eight children who is identified as Mary Akosua Korankyewaa has detailed how she and her grandchildren are really suffering.

Narrating her story, she disclosed how the events that led to her daughter, Adwoa Dankwa’s death came about.

Mary Akosua Korankyewaa in a recent interview said her daughter, Adwoa Dankwa, died at the age of 38, a day after she gave birth to triplets.

She stated that she now has been left with a huge task of providing for eight children adding that the weight of the burden is really having a toll on her.

She indicated that her daughter had initially given birth to triplets and a set of twins, and when she got pregnant again, she gave birth to another triplet but sadly died the day after.

Speaking about the father of the children, she revealed that the father of the children had traveled to seek greener pastures but has not been able to send financial or any form of help since he left.

She further disclosed that often, the five children, who are currently in school are compelled to stay at home because she couldn’t afford to feed them or there was no money to either purchase their books or pay their school fees.

She reveals she has no one to help cater for the eight grandchildren and her plight continues to worsen each passing day.

During the interview, she stated that she once worked as a caretaker of a public toilet to enable her to provide daily for the children but was compelled to stop due to poor sanitary conditions at the facility.

”Please have mercy on me and come to my aid because one square meal a day is a huge burden for us. It is by God’s grace that we are still alive,” she appealed and called for help from Ghanaians.

She even revealed she’s currently living with a Good Samaritan who opened her house to her and the eight kids when they became homeless.


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