The Dakpema of Tamale, Naa Bawa Fuseini used the two lovers found in an alleged tape as scapegoats as he lashed them at his palace to serve as a deterrent to others.

The chief’s spokesperson, Malgu Naa Alhaji Majeed said the accused persons have brought shame to the name of the town and thus they were each subjected to twelve strokes of canes by palace guards on the orders of the chief.

As part of their punishment, they are also required to produce two rams and some fowls from for the pacification of the gods.

The chief’s spokesperson in his justification of the action of the chief said;

“Our intention is to prevent these behaviors among young people in the city. We are going to continue with this action and any videos that we see and we think that it is not healthy for public consumption, we will look for such persons and punish them severely.”

Watch the video below;



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