Queen of Year of Return, Jaye Love caused another serious human traffic in the streets of Accra.

Jaye Love has released photos and videos of herself storming the streets of Accra flaunting her huge backside.

In the video which went viral loads of men were following her with their phones to snap images of her as she walked briskly towards the car park area. Wearing a striped pair of trousers which hugged her body so tightly, the lady had her already humongous backside protruding. And with her high-heeled shoes, the backside shook anytime she took a step.

As usual Jaye’s photos and videos got many tongues wagging on social media when she posted them. Jaye wrote, “truly believe that if you put positive energy into the universe, you shall get it back in return.”


Social media have reacted to Jaye’s photos and videos as they couldn’t keep with they saw.

@picturemeking confidently wrote: “You’re spreading joy to the world.”

@kojokanon: “You really enjoyed yourself today.”

@sn_bovie: “The guy behind in the last pics is with the way he pose to take the pics from behind.”

@lifebyjulian: “Your positivity is contagious.”

@afrikan_pics commented: “If she ride your man, you aren’t getting him back.”

See below the photos and videos:

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