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Viral Video: Meet The Sakawa Man Who Has To Bark Like A Dog Every Month To Make His Money


Sakawa is a term used to describe cyber fraud which involves the use of voodooism in Ghana. Ghanaian and Nigerian are heavily involved in this illegal and dangerous practice.

The juju aspect and it’s corresponding rituals which are attached to the fraud has now become widespread.

A viral report we got from the internet concerning a young man from Ijebu Ode area of Ogun state in Nigeria who has to bark like a dog once every month has to get his money has sparked lots of anxiety.

According to the narratives, he was directed to bark like a dig once every month which is a prerequisite for him to become rich as desired after going through the first stage of the mandatory rituals.

One of his friends who shared the video explained further that this is not the first time a similar occurrence took control of his friend because he was once possessed by an unknown spirit and barked in similar way at a nite club.



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