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VIRAL Video: Shatta Wale Insults Zeal Of VVIP Fame, Says His Beard Is like Someone’s Village Career


Shatta Wale is on the loose and anyone who he sees as a threat to his current crusade aganist the Nigerians is abused verbally.

The Dancehall artiste has directed his ‘guns’ at evergreen music group, VVIP. In a Facebook Livestream, Shatta Wale said veteran musicians like VVIP and Tic Tac are the cause of Ghana’s dwindling fortunes in music relative to Nigeria.

He called on the oldies to stop hating on the current musicians who are putting Ghana on the map because they failed the country in the past and the current generation will not sit and do nothing.

He said:

I don’t see VVIP as stars because they failed Ghana. They sold Ghana for cheap and that has affected the music industry. Look at Lazy who always wears peoples village hat and will be making noise.

Look at his beard like someones village career. When i see such people behaving so foolishly, I feel sad for them. They don’t understand the business of music and that is what I am fighting.

Watch video below:

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