Actress Vivian Jill was recently accused by Evangelist Addai as sleeping with her first son, Nana Prempeh. According to Evangelist Addai , Nana Prempeh is even the father of Vivian Jill’s second son, Nana Alfie.

Vivian Jill has cleared the air once again. According to the adorable actress, Nana Prempeh is her blood, biological son and more.

She posted;

” In every DISGRACE there is GRACE ampah🙏😂 Dear God thank you for another GRACE, HAPPINESS, PEACE and LOVE you’ve given my Household🙏🙏🙏😂😂 we will forever be GRATEFUL 🙏. Enjoy your weekend Fam.😂💃🤗

Vivian Jill then posted Video chilling with her son;

” My BLOOD, my BIOLOGICAL son, my GIFT, my HOPE, my BROTHER, my GOSSIP partner and my HUMBLE KING 👑 MUMMY loves you ❤ welcome home my brave SON✊


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