The most popular man in Ghana now is Nana Appiah Mensah, affectionately called NAM1.

Although we not here to pass judgement on him in the prevailing Menzgold brouhaha, we find it suspicious that he has kept mute over the saga whilst investors continue to lose sleep and others having their blood pressure shot up.

All sorts of conspiracy theories have been spun in the aftermath of the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bank of Ghana’s (BoG) directive to shut down the company for operating illegally.

Some claim the man has been a fraudster all his life and had had all this (Menzgold-ponzi scheme) planned from day one. Honestly, I don’t want to believe this is true until I hear his side of the ‘story.’

At the moment, his whereabouts is still a mystery although we have been told he has absconded to South Africa through Togo and Nigeria.

Anyway, we have an exclusive photo of him when he was a young ambitious man hustling his way up in the ghettos.

Man has really come a long way; check him out;


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