A founding member of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, Mr. Ndubisi Igwekala, better known as Agu Biafra, has spoken out against the incessant attack on residents of South-East by the members of IPOB.


According to him, the members of IPOB enforcing the sit-at-home order with violence are not real Igbos because all those people have is anger and hatred. He explained that some people are trying to benefit from the chaos and enrich themselves with it.

He made his submission when he addressed journalists in Enugu.

In his words: “When we started this struggle, we had aims and objectives. One of the main aims is to protect the lives and properties of Biafran people anywhere they are. We were doing well until some of our people started misusing the opportunity.

“They started trying to enrich themselves with the struggle. They started to do things that are against the spirit of that struggle. You can remember that someone like Odumegwu Ojukwu, who is our father, made commitments to the struggle. I was with Col. Achuzie, I was with him and I learnt a lot from him. They started a project which they handed over to me. I need to have time to put those projects in order, so that I will not make the same mistake that other people have made.

“Our mission is to protect the lives and property of Biafran. So how come we are destroying the properties of the same people we are supposed to protect? I am not part of it. Our security network is working underground to find out what is actually going on. Who are the people behind all these things?

“I promise you, if we find out the people that are doing these things we are going to deal with them and we are going to expose them. We cannot allow the blood of innocent Biafrans to be wasted. We are talking about the thousands of people that have died in the hands of our enemies and we now kill our own people.

Source; Ghgossip.com


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