Wendy Shay excited internet users few days ago when she displayed her fully furnished mansion and some beautiful cars to social media users.

Staring straight into the camera (she apparently hired the service of someone to capture the clip), she said, ‘Welcome to mansion’ before taking her fans to a brief journey of her flamboyant world.

But according to gossip website Those Called Celebs, an Instagram user whispered to them that the house was never for the artist, but rather a place they used to gather and break their fasts every evening during the past Ramadan.

Now, if this turns out to be true, then we really can’t think far for these celebrities. Why live a fake life?

This unnecessary ‘pressure’ these celebrities subject themselves to invariably sends a subtle message to their fans that life is all about using unorthodox to get the kind of fulfillment you want.

See below:

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