What Do I Gain From Hating on Shatta Wale When my Dondo Song is the Biggest Song in Ghana? Kwaw Kese to Fans of Shatta Wale

Having a hit song is good; it somehow activates your bragging rights to the core. Eversince Kwaw Kese’s new song, Dondo started making some good waves across our Radio stations, Kwaw Kese has been talking and bragging to the max.

After Shatta Wale and Beyonce song was released, a fan tweeted at Kwaw Kese to stop the hate on Shatta wale and congratulate him for his feat. Then Kwaw Kese replied that he won’t gain anything from hating on Shatta Wale.

A fan of Shatta Wale tweeted;

Please tell @kwawkese to stop hating @shattawalegh and resurrect his carrier with #DondoRemix

Then Kwaw Kese replied;

What do I get in hating another man ??? When #DondoRemix is the biggest song in Ghana

In another tweet,, he said;

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