What Is Yvonne Nelson's Business With Ghana Politics Anyway?

We do not know about others but nothing much has changed in Ghana since the Akuffo-Addo administration came to office. Except for creation of other regions and other irrelevant stuff that adds little or close to the general good of the populace.

Roads are no better than they used to, unemployment rate has not fallen, poor health care is somewhere in the conversation amongst all the canker we are used to. The narrative is the same.

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Truth be told, many Ghanaians are disappointed and come general polls, dire decisions would be taken. Yvonne Nelson apparently believes in the NPP Government. She feels the president needs time to deliver on her promises.

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“…I believe he still has time and, so, let us be patient with him. He still has two more years to go,”

Meanwhile, she is not even interested in Ghana Politics.

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