Music Producer Hammer just can’t stop talking about Sarkodie.

On JOY FM yesterday, he said,

” Sarkodie is now an Institution as far as GH Entertainment is Concerned; We can study Sarkodie; the way he thinks, his thought process, acumen, we have to try and create some Sarkodie course to be taught in school; we should add Sarkodie to the curriculum; “Among his generation, Sarkodie has done soo well, huge gap among his mates. He should be a plaque on the wall”.

Hammer has once again disclosed that Sarkodie has more or less become the measuring unit among his fellow musicians here in Ghana. According to Hammer, anytime other artistes achieve something, they keep on comparing that artistes to no other person but Sarkodie.


Hammer Said;

Sarkodie has accomplished things no Ghanaian artiste has been able to accomplish. He has become number 1 since till date. He defy the odds. Whenever any Artiste Achieve Something in Ghana, that person is compared to Sarkodie, Ask yourself why?

Hammer again went on to say;

“Sarkodie has become the Measuring Unit here in Ghana. Among his generation, no one comes close to him. Sarkodie has made it clear that it is a business and a career that one can follow. Not as an alternative, and from his inception, he is being number from till now. That is the difference between him and other artistes “.


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