In this episode, we throw light on the private life, net worth and career of award-winning French actor, Jean Reno. Stick to this page to learn more.

Who is Jean Reno?

Jean Reno is one of the popular French actors who has made an impact in Hollywood due to his exceptional role-playing skills.

What is Jean Reno best known for?

He is famous for his depiction of the character ‘Leon’ in the film “Leon The Professional” in 1994.

Jean Reno Age

He is 75 years old.

Jean Reno Height: How tall is Jean Reno?

He is 1.8m tall

Jean Reno Nationality: Is Jean Reno from Morocco?

He is French-Moroccan

Jean Reno Early Life, Education

Known in real life as Juan Moreno Herrera-Jimenez, Jean came into work on July 30, 1948, under the Leo Zodiac sign.

He lived with his parents in North Africa before moving to Spain. He underwent language speaking lessons in French, Arabic and Spanish as he was being brought up because he lived in Spain, Morocco and France at various times in his life.

When he was 17 years old, Jean travelled to France where he schooled at Cours Simon School of Drama he and his parents and siblings successfully secured their French passports to become official citizens.

He was enrolled in the French Army and after he finished his national service, he paid attention to acting.


Who are Jean Reno’s Parents?

His father’s profession was Linotypist. His mother’s profession is unknown as she passed away when he was in his teenage years.

Does Jean Reno have Siblings?

He has a sister named Maria.

Due to their need to escape Francoist Spain, commonly known as the Francoist oppression or the rule of law, Jean and his younger sister Maria “Maite” Teresa were brought by their Spanish parents to North Africa.

Jean Reno’s Wife: Is Jean Reno married?

Jean has been hitched three times.

In 1977, he got married to Genevieve who unlike other celebs was not a known figure and their union produced two children, a daughter, Sandra in 1978 and a son, Mickael in 1980.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t stand the test of time as they went their separate ways in 1988.

Several years later, he married Nathalie Dyskiewicz, a model from Poland in 1995. They have two kids together, Tom and Serena. They ended their marriage in 2001.

A few years later, Jean tied the knot with British actress and model, Zofia Borucka on July 29, 2006, in a flamboyant wedding ceremony at the Les Baux-de-Provence city hall.

Jean Reno

In 2009, they welcomed their first child, Cielo, and second son, Dean in September 2011

Because Jean has three residential homes in Los Angeles, Malaysia, and Paris, he and his family are always moving from one to the other when he is not active on a filmmaking set.

He has not made known the women he has had romantic flings with. As of January 2003, Jean is still married to his 3rd wife, Zofia and they seem to be waxing strong in terms of their love bond

How many children does Jean Reno have?

He has six children; two from each marriage after marrying three times in his lifetime.

Jean Reno

Jean Reno Net Worth: How rich is Jean Reno?

Reno, who is well-known throughout the globe of film, is estimated to be worth $75 million as of 2024. His exceptional abilities and flexible acting have made him a household name in the French and Hollywood movie markets.

Jean Reno Career

His most well-known role to date is that of Leon in the classic 1994 crime action film “Leon: The Professional,” which was written and produced by Luc Besson and co-starred Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman. The film centres on a professional assassin who takes in 12-year-old Mathilda, a neighbour after her family is slain; it has received six nominations for awards, but according to IMDb, it is now ranked #35 among the greatest films of all time.

 Jean turned down an offer to play Agent Smith in the highly anticipated science fiction action film “The Matrix” (1999), preferring to film the futuristic science fantasy blockbuster “Godzilla” (1998).

Early in his career, Jean’s height led to his being primarily placed in evil roles; nevertheless, his acting prowess allowed him to break free from this cliché.

In his song “Cosmopolitan,” French artist Vincent Delerm made reference to Jean.

Jean made appearances in UPS ads in Europe in March 2006 and a Toyota commercial in Japan in August 2005.

In the highly regarded comic feature, “Les Visiteurs, by Jean-Marie Poire and starring Christian Clavier and Valerie Lemercier.

In all eleven of the action-packed suspense comic “Die Hart” episodes produced by Tripper Clancy and Derek Kolstad in 2020, Jean played Claude Van De Velde with Nathalie Emmanuel, Kevin Hart, and John Travolta. The show, which centres on a man who aspires to be an action star, received six nominations.

While continuing to work as a “movie actor,” Jean was chosen to portray the lead part of JoSt-Clair in every episode of the crime detective serial “Jo” in 2013.

Jean Reno

Jean Reno Social Media

Although he is not on Instagram, he does have a fan account that was just started and has over 20,000 followers.

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