One of Nollywood’s finest actresses, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje has shockingly told the media in an interview that she walks about ‘pantless’ simply because she’s afraid ritualists could use her for ‘sakawa.’

It’s been revealed that there have been constant harassment of females for their panties under gun and knife point whilst others are stolen on the dry line for ritual purposes, a situation that has put so much fear in the light-skinned actress who has promised not wear any pant until the trend changes.

Here’s what she said;

I’m saying goodbye to wearing pants. No more wearing of underwear. So recently I heard some group of ladies were returning from church and they were stopped by Gun men and asked to take off their pants. I heard this from a reliable source, so please let’s be on guard .


To my colleagues, you know we spend most of our times in hotels during filming, we can’t trust these hotel workers. They might come in when you not around and steal your pants. I beg you, if you can’t avoid wearing pants, then travel with just two pants so you can be able to monitor them. I repeat, you can’t trust anyone, even ladies now steal pants. Protect your sanity, always be on guard and also protect your peace. All ladies should stay woke and be more prayerful


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