Music is the art of creating a composition by organizing sounds in time using the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

It is a cultural characteristic of all human communities that is universal. Pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the acoustic aspects of timbre and texture are all included in general definitions of music.


Some of these aspects may be emphasized, de-emphasized, or omitted depending on the style or type of music. There are instrumental pieces, vocal pieces, and pieces that mix singing and instruments; music is performed with a wide range of instruments and vocal approaches ranging from singing to rapping; there are instrumental pieces, vocal pieces, and works that combine singing and instruments.

One of the key ways to sell and promote culture apart from festivals is through music. Since the beginning of time, every single country has been promoting and selling its cultures and making its identity known through music and so far, some countries have done marvelously well at that by indigenously organizing sounds using elements from their cultures.

One of the countries in Africa that have been breaking global boundaries by simply putting together elements of their very own culture, vibes, and language in their songs is Nigeria. With the emergence of stars like Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Don Jazzy, P-Square, Iyanya, and the rest, the country is well known globally for its Afrobeat/Afrofusion genre.

Wizkid, Nigeria

As a spectator, one of the main reasons why Nigerians seem to be doing so well with music internationally is the fact that they maintain the originality and cultural vibes in almost every song to be released by a Nigerian artist.

Ghana on the other hand has been doing marvelously well with a few artists attaining global stands but can never compare themselves to Nigerians when it comes to music. Some of the top-tier stars from Ghana making recognized are Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and Shatta Wale but these folks still lack the basics Nigerians have adopted in achieving global stands.

Shatta Wale, Ghana

We can attest to the fact that Ghanaians are mostly focused on adapting to foreign cultures and portraying them wherever they find themselves. Hip-hop for instance is an American genre some Ghanaian musicians have adopted, diluting the original Ghanaian genre, Highlife just to suit the global standards.

Sarkodie for instance claims to be a rapper and also adopted the Hip-hop culture yet still has failed to earn the global recognition he seeks. Although he has been able to grab a few awards here and there, Sarkodie fails to maintain the elements of the Ghanaian culture in his craft, making it impossible for the world to know much about our culture and what we are best known for.

Sarkodie, Ghana

Ever listened to Burna Boy’s Grammy award-winning album “Twice As Tall”? Every single song on the album contains substances from the Nigerian culture especially their language. Not only has the album gained recognition but has made the originality of the Nigerian culture known to the world.

Burna Boy, Nigeria

Sarkodie recently dropped his seventh studio album dupped “No Pressure”. According to him, the album is purely Hip-hop, thus not everyone will enjoy the songs. The point here is, adopting the Hip-hop culture knowing perfectly well your country-men won’t enjoy was a wrong move because if your fanbase in the country is unable to push the appreciate the craft, there is absolutely no way an outsider will appreciate it.

The debate as to whether the Nigerian music industry is better than the Ghanaian music industry has been an indecisive one, however, Ghanaians have a lot to learn from Nigerians in terms of entertainment and promotional tactics.



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