In a recent tweet he made on his verified Twitter account, Lil Duval pointed to the fact that witches are real therefore men should be very careful about the kind of woman they offend as some will pay them back in a way they can’t even imagine that will cost them a lot.

His assertion may come from a place of experience personally or by someone he knows and he wants his male colleagues to understand that not every woman you date is clean as some of them have spiritual powers to attack you when you wrong them in any way.

See his tweet below;

See some comments his post generated on Instagram;

@thewackotailor wrote; “Plus witches don’t have witchcraft written on their forehead, they don’t have to be ugly and scary. They’re all around you 😎.
And most of them don’t have to do or think evil before you get your karma, they just have a strong spirit that’ll always fight for them .”

@poloprince wrote; “he’s talking about American women that practice witchcraft and black magic. It’s a real thing…”

@thedeltabeauty wrote; “Yes some women na the definition of “hell hath no fury like a scorned woman “ if you offend this type of women na big wahala u buy”

@dondrailes wrote; “It is a normal thing in Nigeria… 😂 have you seen a bird checking if you don board your Turkish Airline???”

@des.mony wrote; “Don’t make a woman get mad at kind to them even if you nor do again..some carry evil spirit”

@uncle.dale wrote; “Wokeness can’t deceive me into believing witches aren’t real also WIZARD are real”


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