Infidelity is arguably the ‘topmost factor’ which causes break-ups in relationship. In fact, cheating has spiraled out of control in recent times such that couples are beginning to think it’s ‘normal’ and has to be recognized as such

Men are often the catalyst in this context but the question is, who do the men cheat with?

A twitter user identified as @_meen_dy recently shared a hilarious story involving her friend and her man which somewhat reinforce the notion that men are incorrigible who cannot be delineated from the

She narrated how she told her friend that she saw her boyfriend cheating and the reply her friend gave her was quite hilarious.

See her post below:

“My friend’s boyfriend was cheating on her with different girls. I reported him to her and she told me “he’s human. He’s bound to make mistakes”. Took my L.”v


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