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What would be your reaction when your neighbours are having a fun filled party and refuse to invite you?

This woman known as Shameka Houwse burnt a whole house for not being invited to a party. The barbaric act has earned her a brush with the law and she has been consequently fined.

WTVF reported that Houwse was charged to court for Vandalism, aggravated arson and reckless endangerment with deadly weapon of the recent incident.

According to an affidavit from the Metro Nashville police department, the woman and an unidentified man pulled up at a house on North 29 Avenue in Nashville on Thursday, June 28 and began screaming about not being invited to a party at the house.

It was gathered that on getting to the door, the occupants of the hose refused to let Howse in which triggered her to burn down the building.

The police added that she went back to her truck, brought out a jug of lighter fluid, poured it round over the front window and lit a fire.

She and an unknown driver fled as about three people in the house tried to put out the fire but the flame extinguished the building which caused serious damage.

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