The host of ‘taxi driver’ show on Zylofon FM, Blakk Rasta has disclosed that workers of the media entity have not been paid for four months and its all because of loyalty to the company.

Speaking on Accra-based Unique FM in an interview, he revealed that It is not a secret anymore. For about four months now none of us have been paid any money. We have not been paid because of issues. I won’t say crises but I will call it challenges.

He indicated that the company fed off MenzGold and that since MenzGold is faced with challenges, it has affected Zylofon Media adversely.

“Menzgold was the cash cow. All the artistes were feeding off Menzgold and at a point everybody wanted to be a part of Zylofon Media. The Akan people have a saying that, ‘when the elephant falls even the ant can slap it’. The elephant has fallen and all arms are slapping all over the place. We just want to remain faithful and loyal and believe that the Most High is going to bring peace.”


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