A man called Emeka failed to see the funny side of the new social media craze, #10YearsChallenge when two contradictory photos of his girlfriend showed she has altered the complexions of her skin and thus jumped out of the relationship instantly. 

Consequently, the disgruntled girl, unable to contain the anguish any longer, wrote a letter to Joro, an online counsellor for counselling.

The lady says the man does not want to have anything to do with her again because he claims she has deceived him.

She wrote;

Joro heaven will Reward you for helping us with our issues… Joro i dont know who told me to Participate in this 10yrs Challenge. joro my boyfriend saw my pictures from 10yrs ago and told me he is done with me.


He said i used to be very dark and now am Fair that i have Bleached away my Relationship he is no more Interested.

He Said am very deceptive that he cant marry a woman who changes colour. Joro pls talk to him he is your biggest fan.

Yes i am guilty of using bleaching cream over the years but is that enough reason to end a two years Relationship?
Emeka pls I love you dont end it this way.. Joro see what 10yrs challenge have casued me… i wish i never had to post that pic.. am in pains Joro pls help me beg him..


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