Ghanaian Reggae musician and Radio Personality Blakk Rasta says celebrities trooping in the country cannot be called “a year of return” but rather a “year of tourism”.

In an interview on an Accra based television, he mentioned that this is not the first time Ghana is introducing the concept of the year of return.
He argued that in 1811, some Ghanaian leaders like Marcus Garvey, Paul Coffie, Charles Sam Alfred and Laura Coffie introduced the concept of year of return but it couldn’t work because some Ghanaian citizens who lacked education had the impression returnees came to take over their lands hence it’s failure.


“I think it’s a year of Tourism and not a year of return. People were sent out and are now returning. We are looking for people who will come home and connect with the African Spirit” he stated.

He further added that the Culture ministry should get involved and sell out the country through the rich culture rather than allowing these celebrities to come to Ghana and watch statues and dance around.


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