Rev. Obofour has predictably hit back at his old rival, Bishop Daniel Obinim few days after the latter cautioned him to take precautionary measures otherwise he’ll shred him into pieces.

Few days ago, the light-skinned Kumasi based pastor, Bishop Obinim who has been embroiled with his adversary for a very long time over who is a more powerful and rich, warned Obofour not to bring his insolence and pride to his doorstep else Ghana won’t contain them if he even he strikes.

According to Obinim, he has been quiet for five years over Obofour’s constant attack on him because some other pastors have asked him to exercise restraint but he’s willing to disobey them now and show Obofour where power lies because he’s tired of his attacks and lies.

Obinim also mentioned that Obofour claims he has “stolen” six of his workers from his television station; a move he claims to be false because only two people work at his television station.

And just as we predicted, Obofour has responded and firing from all cylinders, calling Obinim a fake pastor who speak stupidly. He also said he’s his small boy in the spiritual realms.



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  1. Hahaha. Ghanaian pastors are attacking each other. Is that what Christianity is all about?

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