Former president of Ghana, John Mahama has described the performance of the Electoral Commission, Chairperson, Jean Mensa in the previously held general elections as a failure.


John Mahama told Cape FM in an interview during his ‘Thank You’ tour in Cape Coast, Central Region that Jean Mensa’s organization of the 2020 elections was the worst in Ghana’s history as a lot of irregularities fraught the elections

2020 was Ghana’s worst election. If I was marking her, I would have given her an F. She is marking her paper after the examination so she can give herself any mark she likes,” he said.

John Mahama’s remarks come after Jean Mensa, told the ECOWAS Parliament in Ghana that the 2020 elections will be the best in Ghana’s history. She denied that her organization was to blame for the deaths that occurred during the elections.

“Indeed, our elections of 2020 were solely financed by the government of Ghana. I am happy to note, that this reduced the cost of our election by 41% compared to 2016 notwithstanding inflation and price highs and the fact that we incurred additional cost owing to the COVID-19 protocols we deployed throughout the election.

“We cut the cost per voter from 13 dollars per head in 2016 to 7 dollars 70 cents per head at the time when the cost of elections is rising world over. Needless to say, these were no easy feat, it took the herculean effort of our entire team and the helping hand of the almighty God to establish these achievements. We were met with many challenges but we surmounted most of them and those we could not overcome we learnt from them”.

“Sadly seven lives were lost and though this did not occur at our polling nor arise at as misconduct on our part, one life lost is one too many. We are confident that our security agencies will share their investigations and recommendations for future learnings”.


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