Artiste manager, songwriter and musician, Bullet is not the type who loses his cool easily but when he does, there’s a genuine cause for it.

There’s a proverb which states that a grasscutter does not run in the day time for nothing; it’s either it’s chasing something or something is chasing after it.

The man is pissed of for obvious reasons; her new signee, Wendy Shay is being bashed on social media just like the late Ebony and he fears if he doesn’t curtail it, the situation could get really bad.

The head and tail of the issue is that some trolls have been mocking Wendy Shay for rocking the same hairstyle for some months now.

However, according to the Bullet that hairstyle of Wendy is her brand and part of her distinctive quality.

He also explained that the Uber Driver has been changing it regularly but the style and appearance remains the same.

Shay even told a fan who commented on one of her posts asking her to change her hair that she’s a nurse herself and understands hygiene but because it’s her brand she rock to the same thing but changes the weave every week.

Bullet fired:

Some Ghanaians hate to see young talented people guys did worst to ebony reigns when she was alive now is wendy shay.i dey beg una make you remove that your evil mouth from her,and those who dont get it, her hair style is her brand.if rufftown records can shoot 20,000 us dollar video for wendy shay then how much is weavon.Ghana support your own and stop the pull him down attitude!


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