Popular Ghanaian man of God, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has cautioned young people against spending too much time on social media.

In his view, young people need to avoid excessive social networking to be able to make significant impacts in life.

Addressing thousands of youth gathered on the first day of the 2019 International Youth Empowerment Summit (IYES) at the National Theatre, Archbishop Duncan-Williams labeled social media as a huge distraction in the lives of people.

‘‘If you want to accomplish anything in life, go off social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…get out of all these stuffs. They are all distractions’’, he advised.

He indicated that such networking platforms are for old people who don’t have anything more to accomplish.

‘Those things…they are for old people…80 and 90-year-olds who have finished everything they want to do in life that they have nothing to do. Then they stay there and they are chatting…Those of your age, you have no time’, he cautioned.

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