On our usual social media expedition, we sighted a post by a young Ghanaian Facebook user identified as Kwesi Molley which speaks about how marijuana saved him from death.

He recounted how marijuana saved his life and completely cured his migraines which he has been suffering for so many years.

Read his testimony below:

“We can only rewrite the wrongs when we share our stories. First of all let me ask this rhetorical question, who on this earth would love to go through an unbearable pain?

I’ve battled migraine for years. Sometimes when I get the attack, it’s either I pour chilled water in my left eye or the left part of my head to manage it. Other times I take pain killers and rest for some time but the attack still comes anyways. Thanks to cannabis, I’ve lived without a migraine for some years now because I found the right strain for my unbearable pain.


A lot more people have had illnesses doctors couldn’t cure but thanks to cannabis they’re free of such illnesses. We need to relook at the health benefits of this herb like other countries have.

Unfortunately, you find leaders of some top positions call cannabis as poison. I mean how? Well, what I have to say to such people is simple, brush up your ignorance with some research on the medical benefits of cannabis and stop humiliating yourselves in public.”

Although the plant has so many positive benefits, the government of Ghana has refused to legalize it even after many prominent Ghanaians like former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan urging them to legalize it.


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