Popular Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has claimed that any marriage will be very enjoyable only if the persons involved set it up in their minds that they really want to enjoy it.

He has been married for a while now and saying this really means he has vast experience in his marriage as he described it as fun.

In his view, for marriages to last long, it is mostly dependent on friendship and companionship.

He, therefore, advised married couples to make their partners their best friends.

“Marriage is fun. You know why it is exciting? Because it is a school. If you make up your mind well, it is enjoyable. If you don’t make up mind well, you won’t enjoy it. Just imagine you get up every day to see the same person. If you get back from work you see the same person every day. You have to make up your well. Marriage should be more than love,” he stated.

“You should have companionship. You should take your partner as your friend or as a sibling. I am sure you always see your siblings and don’t get tired of them. So, if you don’t take the person that way and you marry for a different reason, then your marriage will always be a war zone,” he added.

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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