Actress Fella Makafui has bragged of being a superstar as she celebrates the birthday of her daughter Island saying her future is secured and she will do anything to protect her.


Today is the first birthday of Island and Fella Makafui celebrating her bragged saying her future has already been secured and she can’t wait for her to grow to see all the properties they have acquired for her saying she’s their priority now and will always be.

According to Fella Makafui, Island’s parents are very wealthy and she’s blessed to have come into their lives as she’s a huge blessing to them and one day she will tell her what her presence has done in their lives thanking her for being a part of them.

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Fella Makafui then assured her daughter that she would do anything to protect her and make sure no harm comes near her and she will go to the best school, live the best life, and make sure she doesn’t suffer in life at all.

Fella Makafui in all her birthday messages to her daughter Island bragged about how wealthy they are and are going to give her the best life that she deserves thanking her for bringing so much happiness into their lives saying she’s the best thing that happened to them.

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