Actress and filmmaker Yvonne Nelson has made a shocking revelation about herself claiming she developed High Bood pressure after giving birth to her daughter.

According to her, the condition came as a result of the stress and pressure she had to endure during the childbirth process.

“After pregnancy, I developed high blood pressure because she was coming in the car so I got scared…because I was holding her head in the car. When I got to Lister, her head was out so it was crazy.

“My water broke on my bed and there was no one around. I called Sammy Forson, he wasn’t home. I called Nii, my neighbour he wasn’t home and I had to call like a random neighbour of mine,” she narrated on Citi FM.

Though Yvonne Nelson is excited about motherhood, she stressed that the process is ‘hard’ especially combining it with school and acting.

“It’s hard, Jessica, it is stressful, like sometimes it gets to me and I get so stressed I have to call my doctor. I always have my BP machine close to my bed…” she said.

Yvonne Nelson gave birth to her daughter in 2017 with her pregnancy remaining as a secret for a long time till the baby arrived.

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