Zodwa Wabantu as popularly known but born Zodwa Rebecca Libram is a South African socialite, artist, and dancer.

She once used to work for a debt collection company but resigned to be fully involved in the entertainment industry.

Zodwa got mainstream for her dance moves at Durban’s Eyadini Lounge and has since time climbed the stepping stool in the amusement stepping stool. 

She is prevalently known for dancing without her underwears. She works and dance for various superstars, with her nearest ties being with DJ Tira. 

In this post, we investigate the life of Zodwa Wabantu and numerous other intriguing things about this artist.

Zodwa Wabantu Age

She was born on the 30th of October 1985 in Soweto, South Africa. Zodwa Wabantu is 35 years old as of 2020.

Personal Life

Zodwa became an orphan when she was 11 years old and. She said she was raised by her gr andmother and aunt after her mother died. She never got to know who her father.


“My mom passed away when I was 11. That is the reason I left home when I was 16. Life was changing and it wasn’t easy. I had to fight for food and I could see then that that isn’t the way life should be.

I was asked why I was eating when my cousins weren’t. So I had no choice but to move. I knew I needed to hustle.”

She once dated Khanyi Mbau’s ex Mandla Mthembu. Zodwa is currently dating Vusi Buthelezi.

Zodwa Wabantu is blessed with a son named Vuyo which she had in 2006.

Zodwa Wabantu Charging Fee

Zodwa currently charges R35,000 per booking for an appearance which majorly involves her dancing.

Net Worth

According to multiple sources, Zodwa Wabantu has an estimated Net Worth of around $1.3 Million making her one of the richest dancers in South Africa.


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