South African entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu has caused a social media stir after she returned to share one of her controversial blueprints retrieved from her erotic bag.


While performing in a club recently, Zodwa who was clearly not wearing any pants opened her goodies widely and gave a full view of what constitutes her femininity while standing atop a giant speaker.

The crowd vastly made up of men enjoyed the rare treat and the perverts amongst them could be seen inserting their fingers down her punani but she couldn’t be bothered.

The entertainer said it boldly that she wishes she could give the crowd her p.ssy. “I wish I can give you all my Pussy. I tried to make it Rain P**xy on all of you,” she captioned the video.

Meanwhile, a Ghanaian lady has stated unequivocally that if her boyfriend deepens their quarrels to the extent of refusing to answer her calls, then he’ll have himself to blame.

In a video shared on Instagram by 360News, the lady who was obviously echoing a random video created and distributed evenly on TitTok said she wouldn’t hesitate to give her punani to another man to ‘chop’ for free if her man doesn’t pick her calls after a fight.

On a broader spectrum, she suggested she can’t be in a relationship with a quick-tempered person who will like to prolong their skirmishes as she will jump into the arms of another man to be ‘chopped’ falaaa.

Watch the trending video clip below;



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