Holidays without hideouts are not mostly well enjoyed. Last Christmas would have not been completed if not for a three day stay at Takoradi’s Oil Village. My friends and I were very hesitant to drive 20 more minutes away from Takoradi to our destination as we thought there were other places we could stay in Takoradi but then even if we had driven for an hour more it will really be worth it.

You may argue that you would find great Apartments/Housing companies across Ghana and I would be able to counter that because Oil Village offers exceptionally more, a unique package of comfort and wellness. Greeted by their ever smiling and willing to help House Keeper and also welcomed by well kept green lawns, we knew we were gonna enjoy our stay.

The facility comes with an all inclusive services we need in their day to day activities. The painting and attention to details makes the place exceptional. The interior decor will make you wonder if indeed you are in Takoradi or just having a dream about being in Dubai.

Just a walk took us to our respective apartments which comes with fully furnished and well scented rooms. What blew my mind were their Kitchen and their bedroom and washroom mirror like set up.
The air-conditions in the rooms works perfectly and the view I had from my room was amazing. The water heater in the room was really needful because the Xmas weather was As I always say, everyone has the basic things they look for when booking a hotel or apartment; of course the environment and affordability are paramount but as a web developer and a blogger, I mostly add to my necessary requirements; a good internet connection, food and a comfortable working space. Almost all the telecommunication networks works very great there and the working views can give you great ideas.



The extensively calm atmosphere has a fully equipped Gym, Club House, a very clean and welcoming Pool. The whole Oil Village set up is just awesome. And yes how could I have forgotten about their restaurant which treats you with the best of meals from breakfast to supper. We had couple of breakfast there and the set up was great. Their spacious restaurant and workers there are very welcoming.

You can never waste your extra 20 minutes drive to the Takoradi Oil Village for nothing, trust me greatness awaits you!

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