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5 Men You Won’t Believe Exist In This World…No 5 is SHOCKING!


These humans in our report, albeit rare are truly REAL. Their characteristics draw lots of attention to themselves and the reason is obvious.

Check them out:

1. Sultan Kosen (The tallest man in the world).

Sultan is a farmer from Turkey. He holds the world record of the tallest man (8ft 3in). Don’t worry when he looks down on you. What do you expect, he is taller than you lol.

2. Francis Domingo Joaquim (Man with the biggest mouth).

Francis has the world widest mouth, he can put an entire coke can in his mouth. Say what?

3. Tom Staniford (this dude can’t be fat).

Tom is described as the man with no fat. He has a rare condition called MDP syndrome, only 8 cases have been reported around the world. Due to this he has zero fat in his body. Yeah you it right.

4. Carlos ‘Halfy’ Rodriguez (man with ‘half head’).

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Carlos lost his upper head after an accident. After flying through a car’s windshield he landed on his head crushing the upper portion o his skull. In other to save him, Doctors had to cut out large portion of his brain.

5. Amoo Hadji (world’s dirtiest man).

Amoo is the world’s dirtiest man. He is real and he hasn’t bathed for 60 years. He lives in a small village in Iran and uses a grave pit as his sleeping place. He smokes animal dung and sometimes multiple cigarettes.

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