Are you always cheering in front of the TV when Real Madrid play? Or when Serena Williams makes a beautiful serve? As a sports enthusiast, you may have heard of non GamStop sports betting. In sports betting, you make predictions about the results of sports competitions by betting money. Gamblers who are just starting out with sports betting often bet on games of their favorite team or athlete. But you can also bet on a sport that is less obvious, such as cricket or ping pong. Because there is so much choice, you can go in all directions.

Where Do Sports Betting Come From?

Sports betting began more than 2000 years ago. When the Greeks introduced the Olympic Games, people could already bet on the outcomes of the different sports. Later, during the time of the Romans, gladiator fights in the Colosseum were also betting.

Sports betting became popular in the UK in the 1960s, with horse racing being the main bet. When the betting market opened in 2005, bookmakers were allowed to include other sports in their betting range. Today sports betting is still very popular and high profits are made by non GamStop bookmakers and casinos. 

How to Bet on Sports?

If you are a big sports fan and always keep track of the most important sports moments, you will probably have built up a lot of knowledge already. But to be able to bet on sports, you have to have a bit of guts and patience in addition to knowledge. You must enjoy analyzing information. And finally, of course, money is needed to be able to place a bet. Below we explain step by step how you can participate in sports betting.

Find a Bookmaker

Do you want to gamble on sports? Then you first have to find a bookmaker. In the UK, you have several reliable and legal bookmakers. What matters is that you choose a bookmaker not on GamStop that not only has the right licenses, but also suits your needs. It is important to find out exactly what you expect from a bookmaker. 

How Do You Choose the Best Bookmaker?

There are three things that are important here:

  • Good odds
  • Reliability
  • Extensive offer

A bookmaker that is reliable, has a great offer, but has crappy odds, is a waste of money. A good bookmaker must meet all three criteria above.


Odds means the potential payouts of a successful bet. At one bookmaker not on GamStop the profit of a certain team can be 1.95, while at the other it is 2.35. Providers with the lowest overhead and marketing costs often have the best odds. Odds are created when a bookmaker predicts how a match will go, using statistics and the latest sports news. The odds indicate exactly how much money you will win by making a correct prediction.

With bets that are relatively easy to win, bookmakers not on GamStop keep the odds as low as possible, so you won’t make a lot of profit. Due to the low profit, gamblers are also less likely to go for this bet. You may now be thinking that you should go for high odds, but remember that the higher the odds, the greater the risk. However, if you manage to win, it will pay off a lot!

Mobile Computability 

The experienced sports bettor often prefers a fast and user-friendly interface like that of Louisiana sports betting apps, with 24/7 access and the ability to play on/with different devices/software (iOS, Android, laptop, mobile). If you are a professional gambler, you may also want a platform with extensive statistics and high odds. And if you would like to follow everything live to bet money during the matches, a high-quality live stream is indispensable. For others, low deposit limits are more important, or perhaps an easily accessible customer service. Also, don’t forget to check whether the bookmaker you have in mind offers the sport(s) on which you want to bet.

Create a New Account

Once you’ve chosen your favorite non GamStop bookmaker, it’s time to create an account. You can do this within minutes. For example, you must enter your name, date of birth, address and also your bank account number. The bookmaker needs this information to keep sports betting as safe as possible.

Make Your First Deposit

In order to bet, you must have some money in your account. So you are now going to determine your gambling budget and deposit money. As a new gambler you can often take advantage of a nice welcome bonus. So always check that! There are generally several ways to deposit money. For example via PayPal, or a regular bank transfer. But also via e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller. In addition, each bookmaker determines the minimum deposit amount. This often concerns amounts of 10, 15 or 20 euros. So you don’t need a lot of money to participate in sports betting.

We do recommend that you think carefully about your budget in advance. How much money do you want to set aside for sports betting? You also need to determine how you will divide that budget over multiple bets.

Which Competition You Should Bet on?

You have deposited money. Now it is important to determine which match(s) you are going to bet on. First, it is important to go for a sport or competition that you find interesting. You must have some knowledge of this sport or competition.

Second, you need to determine whether the bet is actually attractive to you. For that you look at the odds. As described above, the non GamStop bookmaker determines the value for each bet. An odds of 2.15 means that for every euro you bet you get 2.15 euro back if you win. You must be able to determine whether the odds are worth taking the gamble for.