Afia Schwarzenegger must be dumb since photographs of a lady labeled transsexual recently hit the internet and it’s not good looking for her to compare them.


If the woman is transsexual, Afia must have been something that man has yet to find.

Afia Schwarzenegger recently attacked a complete stranger and his spouse on her Facebook page, making us all perplexed.

She uploaded a picture of a man and his spouse and insulted both of them. As good reporters, we headed out there just to find out who this pair was and why they had enraged Afia Schwarzenegger.

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It emerges out that this is due to the fact that this is not a famous person, but rather a random individual who made a statement that Afia did not like.

Her reaction was to go to his profile, take a picture of him and his spouse, and trash the wife who had done nothing at all to her.

Afia blasted him for getting married with a “thick forehead” after sharing a wedding picture of this anonymous troll and his bride.

She also characterized the person as ‘transgender.



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