It always breaks my heart that Ghanaian rapper, Gemini who is unarguably the fastest rapper in Africa, is hugely underrated in the rap sphere.

It’s not his ability to rap as fast as Busta Rhymes that makes him a top notch but he basically has all the ingredient that makes a good rapper but sadly, he still remains obscure.

And despite the fact that Ghanaians have embraced Sarkodie and made him a King in the rap Kingdom, Gemini who reflects the same style, is yet to be appreciated (maybe because he does his ‘twisting’ in English language).

Perhaps he could have his breakthrough after had the opportunity to meet up American rapper and actor, Common during the Oslo leg of the latter’s ‘Let Love Tour’.

Gemini posted a video of himself playing his latest single ‘Change Your Style’ for the American rapper, who was seen enjoying the music and nodding his head.

In July this year, Common released his brand-new memoir, Let Love Have the Last Word, in which he gets open and honest with fans about his life experiences. He later followed up with an  accompanying new album of the same name inspired by his work on the memoir.



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