It is made from plants ashes of the barks that are locally harvested such as plantain, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. The Alata Samina’ can be used for a variety of purposes like washing hair, hands, face and for bathing purposes.

1.Clears scars

African black soap ‘Alata Samina’ reduces the scaring and helps in healthy skin growth and regeneration. The scars that pose a great cosmetic problem can be curbed with this rich qualities alata samina has.

2. Reduces stretch marks

Cocoa present in African black soap is helpful in reducing the stretch marks. Applying ‘alata samina’ over stretch marks will fade it of gradually till you its totally eliminated.


3. Relieves sunburns

Alata Samina can naturally relieve sunburns. Sunburn is actually the result of sun radiations which damage the living tissues of the skin. It is caused by the overexposure to the sun.

4. Brighten skin

The regular application of alata samina can also help you in brightening your skin. it is because the soap inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, acne, and ageing.


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