Ronald Kwaku Dei, aka Bisa Kdei has shed light on how he started his music career and the importance of being a solo artist as opposed to music groups.

Appearing on Personality Chat on Joy Prime’s Showbiz Now, the Highlife artist mentioned that he started his music career in a group called Bisa but the group unfortunately collapsed.

He said although there was there no misunderstanding between them whatsoever, the group disintegrated when one member walked away without any warning.

Bisa opined that being on you own is far better than a group because petty quarrels and break up does not sustain the latter.

I would not advise anyone to be in a group. It is better to stay a solo artiste than to be in a group – He said.

No matter how good all of you are in the group, there will always be that one person who will bring misunderstandings especially in the aspect of money sharing

Source: www.Ghgossip.com


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