A lot of things often used in your lawn, on the patio, and around the house are made of ferrous metals, such as wrought iron, carbon steel, and cast iron.

Your treasured items get stained with reddish-brown rust when certain household items are neglected, improperly cleaned, or dried out.

Here are a few methods you can use to clean your metals when it rust by using ingredients commonly found in the house.

Items/materials needed

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Old toothbrush or wire brush
  • Clean cloth or rag
  • Water

After getting your items ready, follow these simple steps to remove that stubborn stain on your metal

Prepare the Metal Surface: Wipe off the metal surface with a clean cloth to get rid of any loose rust or debris.

Formulate the Rust Elimination Method: In a bowl or other container, combine equal parts white vinegar and lemon juice. Both chemicals’ acidic qualities aid in the breakdown of rust.
To make the mixture more abrasive in case the rust is hard to remove, you can incorporate a tiny bit of salt into it.

Utilize the Solution: Onto the rusty sections of the metal, apply the vinegar and lemon juice mixture. Make sure all of the surface is covered. Give the solution between thirty and sixty minutes to sit on the corroded regions. You might need to keep it on longer for more serious rust.

Clean the Surface: Once the solution has had time to do its job, give the corroded areas a thorough clean with an old toothbrush or wire brush. Rust can be loosened and removed with the use of mechanical scrubbing and an acidic solution.

If needed, rinse and repeat: After cleaning the corroded areas, give the metal a thorough water rinse to get rid of any leftover debris. You can repeat if there are any rust remnants left.

Dry and neutralize: Rinse the metal surface with water once more to balance the acidic solution after rust removal. Using a fresh cloth or rag, completely dry the metal to stop new rust from developing.

Optional Action: Making Soda Paste: You can make a paste using baking soda and water if there are still obstinate rust spots. The rusted parts should be covered with the paste, let to sit for a few minutes, then scrubbed with a brush and washed with water.

Alternatively, you can use these items alone

Remove rust with white vinegar: This super component is incredibly effective at restoring rusted metal objects. If you submerge your rusted metal pliers or any other small metal objects in a jar of white vinegar for a short while, the brown coating that is deteriorating can be simply scraped off.”

When trying to remove rust from a larger metal object, like a shovel, apply white vinegar directly to the affected area, let it cure for a suitable amount of time, and then wipe the shovel off with a cloth.

Remove rust with baking soda: Things with minor rust stains respond well to baking soda treatment. It also functions well on thin-metal objects, such as knives. To use this approach, just combine baking soda and water to the point where a thick paste forms.

Make sure that all of the rusty areas of the metal are well covered by applying the paste with your hand or a toothbrush. Give the paste about an hour to sit on the item. Use a wire brush, scouring pad, or steel wool to scrub the item until the rust is gone. If necessary, repeat after rinsing the paste with water.

Remove rust with dish soap and a salted potato: To try this method, cut a potato in half, rub dish soap over the sliced part, and then sprinkle baking soda or salt on the potato. As the rust melts, the baking soda and salt will both work as a mild abrasive to assist scrape it off the metal surfaces.

Use the potato to rub the corroded area until it is completely free of corrosion. Thoroughly rinse and pat dry. The ideal metal pieces for this method are those without any relief or detailed work.

Remove rust with aluminum foil: A crumpled piece of aluminum foil could be the simplest do-it-yourself solution for rust removal. This tip is quite helpful for reaching tight spaces with nooks and crannies, such as old medicine cabinets, antique vanity, and mirrors.

Remove rust with Cola: Coca-Cola can be used to clean rust off of copper, steel, and iron metals. Simply pour it on top of the rusted area and let it to settle for a little while. After that, clean the rust off using a brush.