Of late, social media has become a great meet-up place for old friends, distant relatives and possibly husbands and wives. Most people who are married have the genesis of their relationship on social media.

Although it is a great place to meet new people, it is also a known place for savagery. Most people, especially ladies tag some conversations as silly and unnecessary.

In a recent social media post, a Ghanaian lady seems to be worried about how Ghanaian guys approach ladies in their DMs.

According to the lady, one of the main reasons why ladies keep on ignoring guys is because they ask unnecessary questions.

She wrote;

“My dear Ghanaian men
We have pass the age of
– “Tell me more about yourself “.
– “Have you eaten today “?.
– “What is your name” (fu*cking check her username Abena ).
We will keep ignoring your DM’s if you can’t keep sensible conversation. Wooow us with your lines please .”

This comment attracted various reactions with the ladies applauding the lady for voicing out their grievances and with the guys opposing to what she said.

We would like to know your take on this as well, kindly leave a comment in our comment box!!!

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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