Sometimes people believe love is an illusion but we dare say intense feeling of deep affection can only be felt by those who avail themselves to the rhythm of their heart.

A disabled couple in Turkey have made the internet gone nuts after a photographer gave them a dream wedding photos. Mesut Özeker and wife Ayça Özeker wife met on the internet five years ago and decided to get married a month after they met.

However as evident in most of the love tales we read from fictional books, the woman’s family were against the union.

The crazy in love couple consequently decided to elope to get married and be each with other and now have a son who is two years old. They later reconciled with family.

The photographer Esra Özcan decided to augment their infectious love story by taking professional photos of them since they had none when they first had their wedding.

The man is said to be suffering from growth retardation disease whilst his adorable wife has glass bone disease.



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