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Exty Nash Writes: Top Five favourite Inspirational Ghanaian Songs Of All Time


There are moments in one’s life when all you need is an iota of motivation that can spur you and that is where inspirational songs come in handy.

In a typical Ghanaian set up, inspirational songs are limited to the scope of gospel music-and that’s the erroneous perception.

There are lots of secular music which inspire and mend broken spirits. I have compiled five of my favourite and I know you love them too.

1. Big Dreams-Wutah

It’s a pity Wutah is struggling in the music industry currently. Fortunately for them, they were able to produce lots of hits songs before they their career plummeted. One of those songs is Big Dreams.

Big dreams is laden with lots of words which could literally put one on the path of greatness.

Wutah carefully explored the theme of the song, leaving the listener truly inspired.


2. Susuka-Kofi Kinaata

Kofi Kinaata’s Susuka is a classic tune which helps one understand that no that matter how bad your situation is, you are far better than someone else.

This ultimately means one should not lose hope and throw hands in despair since life offers more opportunities once you are alive.

The video of this song does well to transmit the precise message Kofi wanted to carry across. No wonder the song grabbed some awards at the VGMA.


3. Mmbrowa-Kofi B

Anytime I listen to this song, I get goosebumps and get all teary (perhaps because I relate to it). This song has a nice beat with a distinctive guitar melody.

But it’s actually the lyrics that will capture your attention perfectly and perforate deep into the faculty. Kofi B personified poverty in the song and he says because of his situation, he doesn’t want to get involved in activities that will bring trouble to him albeit aspiring to change his situation through hard work sooner than later.

It’s an old song, produced about sixteen years ago but it still remains evergreen in my subconscious mind.



4. Obi Nya Wo AyƐ-OJ

OJ is a good songwriter and his Obi nya wo ay3 reflecsts that. This song is one of the best song I have listened to.

The theme is mirrors Kofi Kinaata’s Sususka. It counsels us not to be despondent notwithstanding our problems because no matter what, others are worst off.


5. Ghetto Arise-Edem

Ghetto Arise- Edem
This is for the ghetto youth,
not afraid to stand for the truth
lemme see your lighters
The ghetto ah go rise one day

This is the introductory verse of Edem’s Ghetto Arise. It’s a song aimed at challenging the youth from the ghettos (a ghetto symbolizes poverty) to aspire for greatness.

It’s very inspirational and my favourite too.

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